Our Signature Programs

The P3 Life™ is a private coaching practice and executive consulting firm that partners with a network of corporations and community organizations to bring professional development. We offer educational content on our social media-based platforms, social-emotional intelligence seminars, and a series of master courses to clients on learning, leadership and human behavior.


Champs Leadership Academy

A certification course that teaches creativity, equity and emotional intelligence skills from the innovation phase to implementation by looking at social change through historical context & current events.

(The B.E. Better Project)

Bonding Experiences & Beneficial Emotions. An interactive, resiliency-building, inner exploration workshop for youth, families or teams to learn about personalities, problems, positivity + trust.

Community & School Partnership

A collaboration to provide student & parent engagement to build: social-emotional learning, self-care practices, healthy communication and academic habits to develop future career/college success.